Part Two -The Driving Test

It'll come as no surprise, that if you want to be a Driving Instructor, the powers that be would very much like you to be a decent driver.  The problem is that everyone thinks that they're a decent driver - if not a brilliant one!

In order to ensure that you can drive in the correct manner and with reasonable skill your driver training will be based on who you drive in respect to the Highway Code, Driving the Essential Skills (Des)

However, the part 2 training is not solely an exercise in making you drive to a certain standard.  Part two training helps you to recognise faults, analyse those faults and to put in some remedial action.  In short, your part 2 training is an essential part of learning to be a Driving Instructor.  When you are behind the wheel for your Part two a large amount of your training will be Part 3 focused.  You will begin to appreciate what it is like being a "Learner"  and you will learn how to see with an "instructor's eyes.


Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?  If so, don't worry there is help at hand.  When I was studying to become a driving instructor I relied heavily on extra material, internet articles, books, webinars etc I did my own research and spent many hours learning and improving my performance.  The biggest and best resource I found was from an Instructor called  Blaine Walsh, who produced fantastic video material that really helped me succeed.  A few years down the line and Blaine and his wife Lou Walsh run a wonderful website for PDIs and ADIs that is of immense benefit for those who are preparing for their exams.  Whilst, it is not a direct substitution for face to face training, it's a really valuable resource and helps you continue your training at home and gives you plenty of food for thought.  It is a subscription channel, but it's well worth the money and ultimately provides you with a great reference to use time and time again.