Driving Instructor Standards Check Train

ADI Training

Once you have passed your part 3 test of instructional ability you still have another test to pass.  Within approximately 6 months the DVSA will invite you to attend a Standards Check Test.  The purpose of this test is to ensure that you continue to instruct to the same high standard that you proved in your part 3 test.  In these early days it is still well worth while continuing with some sort of regular training to help you evaluate your performance and support you in the first months of being an ADI.

The Standards Check test will take the same format as your part 3 test.  You will have to present for this test with a pupil and deliver a driving lesson that demonstrates your skills in regard to the 17 competences on the marking sheet.  Mastering these 17 competences takes a lifetime and experienced ADIs will be the first to admit that we're always learning and improving.

Further training is not just for the novice ADI.  As part of our professional development we, as ADIs, should be seeing that we take part in regular training to improve our knowledge and daily performance.  Much of the training we require can be done by ourselves, there is a mountain of information and opinion out there, but we also benefit from face to face training.  When helping with training another ADI it's not about judgement, but rather a chance to encourage and challenge and so help the other person's development.