Become a Driving Instructor Blackpool

Train to be a Driving Instructor Blackpo

If you want to become a  Driving Instructor in Blackpool then you are in the right place.  For many people becoming a Driving Instructor is a second or third career or even something to take up when you are semi-retired.  You can work full time, part-time, independently or as part of a franchise.  As a Driving Instructor you are not limited to just teaching learner drivers your Approved Driving Instructor qualification opens the door to lots of different opportunities; Fleet Training for companies, driver assessment and improvement courses and even contracts with the various emergency services.  Becoming an ADI is a great opportunity for you to embark upon a new career.

How Long will in take to train to be a Driving Instructor?

When you're training to be a Driving Instructor it's important to realize that it is not a quick process.  You may see some adverts proclaiming "Learn to be a Driving Instructor in 3 months"  - good luck with that!  There are three parts to the qualifying process and no matter how you phrase it it's going to take some time.  A very rough guide would be 6 months onwards.  But time is only one factor there is the financial cost of your Driving Instructor Training.  There are test fees and registration fees to be paid to the DVSA as well as paying for your training, so from start to finish you should be budgeting for £3000 to £3500 and then you have to sort out a car!  It's not all bad news,  there is a chance to earn some money while you undertake your Driving Instructor Training so it is possible to start your training without having the full budget.


Where does the Training take place and how is it organized?

Our Driving Instructor Training takes place in Blackpool on a one to one basis and we work across Cumbria and Lancashire.

Although there are three parts to your Driving Instructor Training it's important that every single training session is taking account of all three aspects.  Your first in car session will be booked in as you are doing your theory, so that whilst you are in the driving seat we'll be making sure that you have a full understanding of the theory, you will also be driving to the correct standard - and know why you're doing it! and we'll be identifying driving faults, analyzing them and rectifying them.  On top of all that we'll be introducing you to positive Driving Instructor Techniques and attitudes.

The route to becoming a Driving Instructor may appear to long and complex, but we'll be with you every step of the way.  The great advantage of training with an independent trainer is that you have one trainer who is there to help you at every stage and your training is personalised to what you actually need - there's no filling time in just because you've paid for the hours.