Part 3 - Test of Instructional Ability

ADI part 3 Test of Instructionability

Having passed your Part 2 driving test you should now be fully focused on Part 3.  Notice I say fully focused, because on Part 1 and Part 2 we should have been incorporating lots of Part 3 elements into our training already.

Part 3 is the Test of Instructional Ability and basically it's what we do do!  Until 2014? this test was run on a series of pre-set tests.  A pre-set test would be chosen,  the Examiner would role play a pupil (Learner and Full Licence Holder) and you would be given a mark out of six.  The problem with this system of testing was that it focused very narrowly on the Potential Driving Instructor providing the "magic" instruction to a particular problem and once the "magic" words were uttered the problem went away and the candidate was deemed as successful.  It was never easy, but it didn't really prove the candidate had the necessary skills and attitude to provide effective driver training to a high standard.  The old Part 3 test used the Core Competences of

a) Fault Identification 

b) Fault Analysis

c) Fault Remedy

These Core Competences have been further broken down into 17 competences which will be used to assess you instructional ability.


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As you can see from the above marking sheet there are three main areas that are divided into competences and these are marked 0 to 3.  In order to pass you must score 31/51 and score at least 8 in the Risk Management section.

I'm not going to go into a detailed analysis of these 17 competences here, but they are certainly worth studying in depth and dealing with in your one to one training.

Skills or Subjects?

When preparing for your Part 3 we need to consider what we need to focus on.  Does it make more sense to focus on a subject eg. Pedestrian Crossings or on the skill of dealing with that subject. 

The skills that we use in driving and the skills we want to develop in others are:

  • Awareness

  • Planning

  • Anticipation

  • Car Control

  • Judgement

These skills are fundamental our instruction and each element of driving incorporates these 5 skills.  Because these skills are so important to our practical driving they form the foundation of our instructional training and they blend in very nicely with the Goals for Driver Education, that if you are seriously researching a career in driver training you should be aware of.