Potential Driving Instructor Training Cumbria & Lancashire

Potential Driving Instructor Training Cumbria & Lancashire

Once you have filled in your DBS forms and being accepted you are now a Potential Driving Instructor - Congratulations!  Now the hard, but interesting part of training to become an Approved Driving Instructor can begin in earnest.

By now, you should have had a good look around the industry and you should be aware of the differences in training that is being offered out there, from the large national companies to the smaller independent trainers.  You may well have discovered that some trainers and organisations like to pop all their PDIs in a classroom and teach them, this is a cheaper option and can often be a bit of a "death by power point" experience.  Other trainers will encourage you to self study for parts one and two and concentrate on part three.  Good Driving Instructor Training is holistic.  Every training session involves and directly addresses the skills and knowledge  that you need.  Of course, in the early stages there will be a greater focus on passing the relevant exam parts, but these are never isolated elements they form part of the whole.


What Can I expect from my Potential Driving Instructor Training Course?

All your Potential Driving Instructor Training will take place on a one to one basis, unless requested.  From the very outset your training will be "in-car," but be aware that the training sessions are just a part of what you are expected to do -there'll be homework too!  Each training session will be completed over one day beginning at 10.00am and finishing at 4.00pm, this allows for 5 hours training plus breaks.

All training sessions will focus on broad areas and incorporate all three aspects of Driving Instructor Training.  As an example if we were to be taking training on the subject of Junctions we would be looking at the Theory (part1) behind Junctions; the practical driving aspect of junctions(part2) and the techniques of teaching junctions (part3).  As your training progresses and you pass your part 2 and are looking towards either a pink trainee licence or your part three there will be greater emphasis on your teaching skills and core competences and consolidation of what you have learnt.

There is also an opportunity to earn whilst your learn.  After you have received 40 hours training and pass your part 2 you can apply for a trainee driving instructor's licence, you must then complete another 20 hours training before you can take your part three.

How much will my Training Course Cost?


One of the huge dangers of starting a Driving Instructor Training Course is that if  you are sold a bit of a lemon you may run out of money before you complete it.  By their nature, these courses cost a lot of money, you are paying professional fees  and will gain a professional qualification that enables you to earn a good living.  When you buy a course make sure that it is right for you.  A cheap course may promise the earth but in reality you could be sat in a classroom with twenty other people and then sharing a car training session with 2 or 3 others.  Or you may be sold a certain number of hours say 10 for part 1 and 10 for part 2 and 20 for part 3 - it won't be enough and you'll fail and end up either finding someone else or paying a very high training rate to the original company because they've "got you!"

To make it simple we operate a pay as you go system, a day's training session is £210.  If you don't like the training or you feel that it's not right for you you are free to leave - no hard feelings.  If you are going to obtain a pink trainee driving instructor's licence then the minimum training required is 8 days (40 hours)  there are also fees that are required to be paid to the DVSA, so the following is a breakdown of what it all costs

DBS check £6

8 days training £1680

Part One Theory Test £81

Part Two Driving Ability Test £111

Trainee Instructor Licence £140

4 days training £840

Part Three test of Instructional Ability £111

Register as an Approved Driving Instructor £300

Total paid to DVSA £609

Total training Fees £2520

Total cost £3129

The above figures are an honest quotation, hiding nothing.  It's important to realise too that if your fail an attempt at Part Three you have to take a mandatory 5 hours training and that 20 hours extra training are mandated as part of the conditions of the licence.  When you are aware of the true cost of the training it makes you wonder how some companies are charging less than £1000, it's a bit like the 10 lessons for £100 scenario!