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Don't Underestimate!

When choosing an intensive driving course there is a danger that you see the hours and the prices and opt for the cheaper option. However, this is false economy. It's not a hard choice to make when you are a complete beginner - opt for the 36 hour course. The problem is when you've had a few hours tuition and you think you may as well save some money and take a shorter course. Unfortunately, plenty of people come along with a bit of driving experience, but having gained some experience can also mean gaining some bad habits. What your parents or a friend has taught you isn't always what the DVSA want and remember the Driving Test is marked by the DVSA examiner. Taking a course that truly reflects your driving needs is key. Don't underestimate the time you will need to get up to test standard. Lesson times are never wasted and the extra time you take is valuable, not only in preparing well for your driving test but also gaining experience that prepares you for life after the test.

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