Terms & Conditions

Intensive Driving Course

  • Intensive Driving Courses will be secured by the agreed deposit

  • There is a 14 days cooling off period, however as the driving test is booked straight away any deposit returned will be less a £40 administration charge

  • Full payment by bank transfer must be made 4 weeks before the Intensive Driving Course begins

  • The course starts and finishes at the agreed times

  • If the pupil fails to show up for the course, the Instructor will wait 30 minutes and the day's training will then be forfeit

  • If the Instructor cannot attend due to illness or mechanical or traffic issues the whole days training will be reimbursed at a rate of £35/hr

  • If the Instructor is late due to traffic/mechanical issues extra time will be added to the course by mutual agreement

  • Any changes to the agreed course and timings must be made SIX WEEKS prior to the course starting

  • If the pupil has not reached the required level to safely take the driving test the Instructor will withhold the car from being used for the test and the remaining hours will be taken as training.

  • A specific driving test center cannot be guaranteed due to test availability that is the responsibility of the DVSA

  • If the driving test is cancelled and rebooked by the DVSA, we will make the car available at the new time provided that the car and instructor are not previously booked.