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There's a pretty good chance that if you're reading this you have done some research already into training, either to become a Driving Instructor or you feel the need for some further training as an ADI.

There are many companies who will gladly sell you an all in one package to help you qualify as a Driving Instructor.  Have a look at the different types of training offered and decide what you want and what suits you best.  There are national/ large regional companies that'll offer you "deals" such as training costs refunded, guaranteed success or guaranteed pupils supply etc careful of the small print! There are local schools who will train you specifically on the understanding that you will work for their franchise for a period of time (normally years) and then there are independent trainers offering training alone or the possibility of a franchise.

As an independent trainer I offer a Trainee Franchise to help you gain experience whilst being able to earn a wage and also the possibility of an ongoing Franchise for suitable candidates.

All training that is undertaken follows the system of Blaine and Lou Walsh and it is well worth subscribing to their website as the videos they produce and other training materials will help you immensely.  You can subscribe to all courses  HERE.


Information about the process of becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and information about our training philosophy.


How to find help and support for your Standards Check. 


If you have failed a part 2/3 or a Standards Check or simply want to change your trainer.

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