Intensive Driving Lessons Cumbria

Intensive Driving Courses

There are lots of different ways to learn to drive, but for some, an Intensive Driving Course is the best.  An Intensive Driving Course has many advantages: it's faster; it's ultimately cheaper than weekly lessons; there are no long breaks in your learning; you get to practice and perfect what you have learned on the same day; you progress quickly; you can achieve your goal of learning to drive within a definite time frame.

Why should you choose our Intensive Driving Courses?

Many Intensive Driving Course suppliers engage Driving Instructors on an ad hoc basis to deliver their courses.  The problem with this is that when your deposit is taken an Instructor is not guaranteed, and whilst they try their best to find an available instructor, often one can't be found and your deposit is've wasted your time!  After your initial inquiry the course booking will be confirmed within 24 hours and a deposit taken your instructor is guaranteed the only delay is timetabling or test time clarification.

  • Experienced Instructor (10yrs+)

  • BTEC Level 4 Coach Driver Development

  • Driving Instructor Trainer

  • Intensive course specialism

  • Excellent local Knowledge of South Cumbria and North Lancashire

  • local pick up and drop off​


The problem is Intensive Driving Courses are.... Intensive!

All our training is based on a six hour training day, so prepare yourself to work hard to get the very best from your training.  The day is split into 2 hours sessions with a 30 minutes break between each session to recuperate and get some fresh air and food.  Learning to drive can be mentally tiring  as well as the general fatigue experienced by sitting in the driver's seat all day.  Courses with shorter hours eg up to 18 hours are manageable for the majority of people.  But the longer courses, 24 hours plus, you really do need a day off!  It's hardly ideal to have somebody learning solidly for 36 hours, for them to arrive for their driving test looking like the life has been sucked out of them.  I would strongly suggest that the maximum amount of training is 18 hours per week can still pass your test in a fortnight!  However, if time is an issue and feel confident we can certainly acomodate the whole course in one go!

What if I don't want an Intensive Driving Course?

If you don't want or need an intensive course, it is possible to buy a training day which is the same price as the 6 Hours course.  Individual training days are fitted into the spaces around other courses and tests.  They are a great way to gain experience and speed up your learning if you are predominantly learning with family and friends and would like professional input on your training.  You will have the same Instructor for repeat training days.